The Adult Leadership

The adult leaders at One Way are committed to serving Jesus Christ in part by loving and caring for each and every teenager that comes through our doors. God has provided us with a diverse team that enables us to care for teenagers who vary in background, life experiences, struggles, and personalities. 

  1. Corwin Wong
    Corwin Wong
    Corwin has been the pastor of One Way at Brentwood Bible Fellowship since 2010, and lives in Brentwood with his wife and four kids. He truly believes that teenagers deserve much more than just a place to have fun, and desires that One Way is a place where students who are seeking God's truth will find it here. His hobbies include Brazillian Jiu Jitsu, sports, and exploring the various places to eat in the Brentwood area with the One Way students.
  2. Deborah Wallace
    Deborah Wallace
    Middle School Girl's Mentor
    Deborah started serving as a One Way leader at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year. She makes herself available on both Sunday mornings and Thursday nights for the young women of One Way to connect with her. Deborah is also a hair stylist in her spare time.
  3. Tyler Pangilinan
    Tyler Pangilinan
    Middle School Guy's Mentor
    Tyler has been a committed member of the One Way team since 2013. He has had the joy and privilege to watch many of the students at One Way grow and develop in their relationship with Jesus Christ as they have made their way through the difficult teenage years. Tyler enjoys making puns and is known as an intimidating force at "sting-pong", a modified ping-pong game that the students at One Way invented.
  4. Lance Millar
    Lance Millar
    Middle School Guy's Mentor
    Lance is one of the mentors for the middle school guys. His teenagers attend One Way and Lance is known to be a fun-loving man-child. Even better, his godly wisdom and maturity in his faith in Jesus Christ is what fuels his desire to be on the One Way leadership team.
  5. Amy Petras
    Amy Petras
    High School Girl's Mentor
    Amy Petras desires to mentor young girls in both word and deed, and she takes seriously the responsibility of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. She serves faithfully at Brentwood Bible Fellowship alongside her husband, and their 3 kids keep them plenty busy. Amy is also a seminary student in her spare time as she has a passion to study and teach God's Word to young people.