All adult leaders at One Way

both paid and volunteer staff are required to pass a criminal background check and are held accountable to the moral standards of Christian living. They are under the supervision and held accountable by the One Way pastor. The adult leaders represent a variety of demographics such as: college students, parents of young children, parents of teenagers, and empty nester. The diversity repressented in our adult leadership is something we believe is highly valuable to the mentoring and discipling of our young people.

We love it when parents get involved!

We believe that parents are the #1 influence in their teenager's lives; even more than their peers, social media, and the surrounding culture. If you would like to get invovled, please fill out the "background release form" and contact us. There are many ways for a parent to get involved at One Way that vary in: time, commitment, energy, previous experience, gifts/abilities, and interests.
Summary of rights for background checks
Background Check release form